6 Different Ways to Decrease Your Cancer Risk

  Quit the tobacco, and don’t start if you haven’t already It should be common sense now that smoking or chewing tobacco can lead to multiple types of cancer. If you are trying to quit, you are not alone. Try joining a support group or making a plan for yourself to set goals for quitting. Facing addiction is hard, but not using tobacco can save years of your life.  If you are a smoker you will not believe how much better you will feel after just a couple of weeks.  When qutting it is best to just totally give it up.  Don't try cutting down.  You must go "cold turkey".  There are many ways to help you quit.  Acupuncture is one of the most natural way to help you quit this habit.   Healthy diet A healthy, well-rounded diet can do wonders for lowering your risk of cancer and overall wellbeing. Cut out processed sugar and instead focus on whole foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids that have been shown to help fight cancer. Other fish that can help reduce the risk of endometrial cancer in women include halibut, sardines and tuna.  Any process foods, such as coming in a box or even those frozen dinners, have way too many chemical in them to preserve them on the shelves.  It is best to eat foods that are fresh.   Exercise According to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, women who are active have about a 30 percent lower risk of breast cancer compared to women who do not exercise as much. Even walking 25 minutes a day can make a difference in preventing cancer. Studies have also shown that walking 4 hours a week can lower the risk of pancreatic cancer by half.   Sun protection Protection from the sun should be another no brainer. Although sun exposure is necessary to get adequate amounts of Vitamin D, too much sun can be harmful. Over the past 20 years with all the reports of skin cancer, the medical community has now have people scared of being out in the sun.  We need the sund to help with the production of Vitamin D.  By telling people to stay out of the sun, they have now made a population that is Vitamin D deficient.  All you need is 20 minutes in the sun to make all the Vitamin D your body needs.  Lying in the sun all day with bathing your body in baby oil was the issue in the increase of skin cancer.  It takes a little commone sense when being out in the sun.  Make sure to wear sunscreen if you know you will be in direct sunlight for a long period of time. If you have any suspicious moles or have fair skin, make sure to check in with your doctor to ensure early detection if you think you might be at risk of melanoma. Now too many woman are so deficient in these natural vitamins that we now have a epidemic of woman with osteoporosis which is just as devastating.   Green tea Green tea, in some ways, can be a miracle-working drink. According to the National Cancer Institute, there has been more than 50 studies that have shown a connection between the tea and lowering the risk of cancer. Green tea contains a chemical called EGCG that is packed with antioxidants, making it a strong cancer-fighting compound.   Consider a glass of wine Great news, you don’t have to feel guilty about having a regular glass of wine at night. Studies have found that drinking a moderate amount of red wine can actually help lower the risk of certain cancer. Red wine contains the antioxidant called polyphenols that can help prevent the body from developing cancer cells. Also remember that too much alcohol consumption can have negative effects on the body and only should be consumed in moderation.   Sources: http://bit.ly/1Tmk1vW, http://bit.ly/1Tmk0rR